Why Is No Hot Water Coming Out Of The Tap?

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It is true that we tend to take things for granted most of the time. For instance, the hot water coming out of the tap is something we never appreciate till it stops flowing. There are numerous causes that can lead to hot water not coming out of the tap. However, it is pertinent that you fix it as soon as possible. If you delay the treatment, chances are, the issue is going to worsen. Now, there are some DIY tips that you can follow. But, if the problem persists, calling in the experts is the better solution.

Reasons for Hot Water Not Coming Out of the Tap

There are different causes that can lead to no hot water coming out of the tap. Check out some of them listed here and know how to deal with them. Remember that if the issue remains, you must get in touch with the experts.

Inadequate Energy Supply

One of the most common reasons for the lack of hot water from the taps is the accidental switching off the energy supply. Irrespective of the type of boiler you have, check if the energy supply is connected properly. Moreover, you must also take a look at the water supply and make sure that the valve is turned on. It is vital that you check this out before calling for aid from the professionals.

Faulty Thermostat

Nowadays, most of the boilers are fitted with the thermostat. This offers users the opportunity to set the temperature as per their presence. Check to make sure that the settings have not been changed to the coldest one. You can turn up the dial to the hot temperature settings to reset the boiler. Then, you can revert back to the normal temperature once the issue is resolved.

Reverting Back to Factory Settings

Did you recently have a power cut? Is that the start of the hot water not coming out of the tap? If that is the case, you must check if the boiler has somehow gone back to the factory settings. Observe the settings, and make the alterations to see if the problem is solved.

Issues With the Timer and Clock

Sometimes, the lack of hot water emerging from the tap may be due to the clock set on the boiler. If the clock somehow goes backward or forward, it might give rise to this issue. Also, make sure that the timer is correctly set. If not, then you will not get the hot water at the right time.


Often, the air gets trapped in the pipes supplying water. This ultimately leads to water blockage, and no hot water comes out of the tap. For this, the most common solution is to fasten a hosepipe to the cold water tap and then connect it with the hot water tap.

Firstly, turn the hot water tap on and then turn on the cold water tap. The high water pressure of the cold tap is enough to dispel the airlock out from the tap. Run both the taps for some time. If the issue still persists, you must drain the entire system. That needs professional attention.

Damaged Diverter Valve

Is your central heating functioning efficiently? In that case, the reason for the hot water not coming out of the tap is the faulty diverter valve. It is this valve that alternated between heating the hot water and the radiators. When you turn the hot water tap on, this valve opens, and the hot water comes out. However, issues with the valve or faulty positioning in the central heating part can also cause this particular problem.

Having Issues With the Tap? Get Professional Help Now!

There are multiple causes that can lead to hot water not coming out of the tap. No matter the reason, you must fix it as soon as possible. While there are some DIY tips that you can implement, you must know when to ask for help. Keep in mind that you don’t want to worsen the mess even more. In that case, getting in contact with the experts is the better alternative.

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