Top 5 Tips To Install Gas Hot Water System Properly

Are you thinking of switching to the gas hot water system? Probably, one of the better decisions that you have taken for your household. Not only are these efficient, but they also save on the water bill. However, making sure that they are installed properly is crucial. For instance, if there are problems in the initial phase, chances are, it will stop working after some days. Then, you will have to get in touch with the professionals.

Install Gas Hot Water System Properly

Top Tips for Proper Installation of the Gas Hot Water System

There are various tips that you can follow for the proper installation of the gas hot water system. Check out some of them so that you can make the right decision.

Call in the experts

The foremost tip that you must take into account is that a hot water system is a sensitive appliance. No matter its type; the device is made up of intricately intertwined wires and fittings. Without professional training and experience, it can become difficult to handle these wires and install them with efficiency. Moreover, keep in mind that tinkering with the appliance without training can actually cause harm to it, even if it is not international. However, make sure that you check the certificate and license of the professional before hiring.

Install earthquake straps

One of the preventive measures that you can follow in order to further protect the system is to install earthquake straps. It is to ensure that the appliance doesn’t topple over when there is an earthquake. Keep in mind that the top strap must be at least a few inches lower than the T&P valve of the device. Make sure that you mark the place properly with the aid of a pencil. Also, keep in mind that the water heater must not be fitted in these straps.

Pay attention to water supply connection

It is vital that you check out the condition of the cold and hot water supply lines before installation. You can even clean them out with the assistance of wire brushes. Moreover, you must make sure that these lines are away from the vent region.

Check out space

It is vital that you inspect the space where you want to install the system before the actual process. Here, you must take into account the area and make sure that there is enough space for proper maintenance. If the place is barely minimum, then inspecting the parts during repair will become tough. In that case, you might even damage the surrounding region. Moreover, you must also take note of the height. The system must be at least 6 feet above the ground. It is to ensure that there is sufficient water pressure.

Take note of the electrical fittings

Do you want to opt for the storage tank model? Or do you want to go for the continuous flow one? Irrespective of that choice, you must check out the electrical connections before installation. Moreover, you must also ensure that there is an MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker). It is to make sure that you can cut off the power if there are massive voltage fluctuations, short circuits, or power outages. With this, you can prevent severe damage to the appliance.

Gas Hot Water System

Want to Install a Gas Hot Water System? Get Expert Help Now!

There are different reasons that explain why you need a new gas hot water system. It can be due to damage to the old one, or it can also be due to the desire to switch to the most efficient system. Irrespective of the reason, proper installation is a crucial aspect. If that is ignored, then you are highly likely to encounter severe issues in the future. For this, taking the aid of the gas hot water system plumbers is the most logical decision.

We offer different types of hot water system services. We have a team of expert plumbers and technicians with the necessary skill and technical training to handle various scenarios. Moreover, we are available at all hours and use professional-standard tools. Furthermore, we follow all the safety protocols. You can count on us to install your new gas hot water system with ease. All you have to do is give us a call!