Hot Water Tank Leaking What To Do Now?

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Water heaters usually last for a very long time. However, the best ones can also leak. Not always a hot water tank leaking problem needs replacement, but you wish to fix it on your own. So, if your hot water tank is leaking, this blog will help you. Even if you are observing a small leak, do not ignore it! Access the problem as quickly as possible. Let’s read about how to tackle a hot water tank leaking relief valve now.

How To Attach A Toilet Seat

Easy Steps To Fix Any Hot Water Tank Leaking Issue

Step 1: Turn Off Your Water Supply

If your hot water tank is leaking from the relief valve, it is suggested to switch off the supply of water. Your hot water heating tank must have a strong shutoff valve on the inlet piping.

  • If your system has a wheel-type valve, turn it in the clockwise direction as much as possible. 
  • And, if it is a ball-type one, turn the valve handle to about 180 degrees. 

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If you have a broken valve, just shut off the main water source to your home. Every home/ building has a single main water shut-off valve that closes the entire water flow to the place. Just in case, you are finding it difficult to locate the main supply, please appoint us at your prescribed time & we will send one of our best plumbers to assist you quickly. 

Step 2: Switch-Off The Power Supply

Follow the below-mentioned steps for gas or electric hot water tank leaking issues.

Gas Hot Water Heater

If the gas water heater is leaking, we suggest you turn off the supply of gas before you start fixing it. Your system has a gas turn-off valve somewhere on the gas line that connects to the tank. 

Electric Hot Water Heater 

Whenever you face an electric hot water tank leaking problem, our plumbers recommend that the power of the tank. The power shut-off valve is at the breaker of the tank. You just need to flip the breaker switch off before beginning with the plumbing.

After your power and water supply have been switched off, you gain better access to determine the situation & the exact spot of the leak

Step 3: Locate The Leak

  • Check The Outlet & Inlet

The points where the pipes connect to the water heater are commonly the leak sources. So, inspect the hot water outtake and cool water intake points. Are some of the joints not firmly fixed? If yes, your hot water tank leaking problem can be resolved by a pipe wrench.

  • Inspect the pressure-relief valve

The valve of pressure relief, also known as the T & P valve, can release water as a safety method if there is so much pressure inside. If you have set the temperature to the highest level, pressure can make the situation worse by leaking at the valve.

  • Inspect The Thermostat Settings

Ensure the temperature is not fixed too high. You may make use of a pressure gauge to check your home’s pressure at the hose bib. If you are thinking what is the right temperature for a hot water tank leaking correction, set it to 140 degrees F.

Moreover, the department of heat energy suggests setting the hot water tank heater to about 120 degrees F. Still, if you observe hot water leaking issues, it can be due to expelling water by excess pressure or the valve is faulty. Furthermore, if the valve is still set to the right temperature and you are observing a leak- replace the valve.

  • Check The Pressure Of Water

It is always a good idea to inspect your unit’s temperature and pressure. Moreover, you can check pressures by a pressure gauge. Moreover, if you have thoughts like- what if I have a hot water tank leaking issue due to high inbound pressure? Then, the correct setting is- water pressure approx 80 PSI per code. In case you observe pressure to 100 PSI or over- you must try putting a pressure-lowering valve.

  • Analyse the bottom of the water heater

In some cases, it is fairly difficult to locate a leaking hot water tank leaking source, especially when the water jams at the bottom. The valve may go down by side giving you an indication that the leak is at the bottom. However, it is actually beginning from the sides or top. Moreover, a bottom leak makes cracks on the tank that ultimately needs a replacement.

  • Check the drain valve

Present at the base of the tank, it should be closed tightly. Hence, ensure there are zero leaks from the drain valve. However, if it is showing some water seepage or leak, the inside valve is broken and needs a replacement. 

How Can Our Expert Hot Water Plumbers Assist You?

Hot Water Sydney is one of the leading hot water tank repair and maintenance companies in Sydney. If you are still failing to locate the leak or what the actual hot water tank leaking problem is, feel free to appoint us. Our hot water plumbing services are available at a very pocket-friendly price. No matter how bad or minor the leak is, we try to repair it at a minimal price. Although if the system requires replacement, we can also do it for you.