What to check if the gas hot water system is not working?


Is Your Gas Hot Water System Not Working?

Is your gas hot water system not working?? One of the most essential appliances is the hot water system. When the cold wind blows, and you are dead tired after a long day at work, it is the hot shower that relaxes you. Can you imagine waking up to no hot water on a winter morning? However, several issues may lead to the malfunctioning of the gas hot water system. You must contact the experts right away lest the condition worsens. Also, if you have the ideas we have shared below, then you can easily identify the problems and think about the right actions.

gas hot water system not working

Things to check in case the gas hot water system is not working

There is a wide range of things you can check if the gas hot water system is not working. Here is a list of factors that you can check out.

1. Check the gas supply line

The lack of hot water is one of the most basic issues with the hot water system. First of all, you need to check out the most obvious reason – gas supply. Make sure that you have an adequate supply of gas for your household. After that, check out the gas supply valve. Observe if it is fully turned on. If not, then you need to open it.

2. Look out for water leaks

Water leak from the hot water system is a valid cause for concern. However, keep in mind that water dribbling from the temperature and pressure relief valve is normal. But, if you see a bucket full of water after 24 hours, then you need to have the valve checked. Moreover, if you observe leaks from the bottom or side of the system, then you need to opt for maintenance right away.

3. Check all the taps

Are you facing a lack of hot water as well as cold water? In that case, you need to take a look at all the taps. See if water is coming out or not. If water is not present from any of the taps, you need to check the main water meter. There, make sure that the valve is turned on. However, if any single faucet is having an issue, you need to recheck the isolation valve.

4. Take a look at the thermostat

The thermostat is one of the trickiest issues to diagnose. Luckily, thermostats are less vulnerable to damage compared to other components. If you have a single-element hot water system, issues with the thermostat will lead to a lack of hot water. The only solution is to call the experts. But, if you have a two-element hot water system, you might still have access to hot water. It is because both of the elements have separate thermostats. If the upper thermostat is damaged, you will get no hot water. But, if the lower one has issues, you can still get limited hot water.

5. Check out the pilot light

It is the thermocouple that enables the pilot light to stay on in case of a gas hot water system. Failure of the thermocouple can lead to the loss of pilot light. Sometimes, disruption in the gas supply line or an errant draft can cause this issue. Moreover, the defective gas valves can also cause the pilot light to go out. Also, corrosion of the gas valves can take place when exposed to damp conditions. That is why it is advisable to keep the hot water system away from moist areas, especially in areas, which are prone to flooding.

6. Take a look at the TPR valve

One of the safety features within the gas hot water system is the TPR valve. The TPR or the temperature-pressure relief valve releases steam when there is excess pressure and temperature within the tank due to overheating. Failure of the TPR valve can lead to dangerous consequences. If you are not careful, the tank could explode, threatening the life of your family members. However, if you have a leaking TPR Valve, then that’s cause for concern too. You need to turn off the system and then schedule an appointment with the technicians as soon as possible.

7. Note the loose parts

Sometimes, loose parts can also lead to issues with the hot water system. For instance, if you observe a leak from a pipe fitting, it can be due to loose nuts. Apart from this, if water is moving towards the heating element, tightening of the bolts is necessary. While you can try to tighten some of the nuts and bolts, not all can be resolved. Some will inevitably need expert supervision.

8. See the electric ignition if your gas hot water system not working

The electronic ignition system present within the gas hot water system is safe. These systems do not use the thermocouple to generate a flame. Instead, it is used to measure the voltage. However, clogging of the flame sensor can prevent the reading of the current. If the cleaning of the sensor doesn’t resolve the issue, you need to contact the trained professionals.

Is your gas hot water system not working? Don’t worry! Contact the experts today!

There are various problems that can lead to the breakdown of the gas hot water system. You can check out a wide array of things if your gas hot water system is not working. After that, you must call in the experts. Tinkering with this sensitive appliance is a bad idea. You might actually worsen the damage even more.

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